This packed one-day programme outlines the analytical tools and best practices needed to explore past and present business performance and model the future, and offers the opportunity to connect with multiple SAP specialists in one day.

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20th March


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Alan Taylor, Consumer Products Industry Principal, SAP


The Consumer Driven Enterprise

Ian McDonald, VP & Consumer Industries Director, Industry Business Solutions, SAP

Consumers today are savvy, fickle and demanding. How do consumer products companies grow profitably in these challenging times? By aligning every aspect of their operations to the end customer - the consumer. So responding rapidly to an ever changing world is key and ensuring you have the platform that enables innovative ideas to be brought to market quickly is a given. Consumers are at the heart of technology consumption. Whether it is one Billion Facebook users or the rise of smartphones or the widespread adoption of tablet computers, the appetite for consumers to adopt technology continues to grow. Understanding how the SAP technology can enable you to take your key brands literally into the hands of the consumer is vitally important.

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Big data in the Consumer Products industry

Denis McCauley, Director of Global Technology Research, Economist Intelligence Unit

Consumer products companies with their billions of transactions handled every day - spanning point of sale information, customer sentiment, weather forecasts, supply chain tracking, and much more - have the potential to outshine even online firms such as Amazon and Facebook in capitalising on "big data". But the consumer products industry faces several difficult challenges in becoming "data-driven". Implementing the right technologies is important but is far from the only challenge.

Arguably the greater difficulties lie in finding the right people and skills to make use of big data and its analysis; adjusting organisational processes to take advantage of the insights generated; and switching the management culture to one that is far more data-centric in how it operates and makes decisions. The discussion will centre on how these challenges are manifested in the consumer products firms industry, and how some consumer products firms are addressing them.

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How BAT is using SAP Analytics to realise the benefits of a Global SAP Roll Out programme

Mark Cooper, Lead BI Solution Architect, BAT

Discover how BAT has implemented SAP's Business Objects BI 4.0 suite to realise a range of business benefits including:
  • increased top line growth through improved visibility of margins, product mix and inventory control
  • improved decision support through delivery of standard suite of management reports and KPIs and integrated planning
  • improved risk and control through full visibility of group cash flow and credit reporting
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Driving and realising early benefit from a global SAP rollout

Marco Van Nieuwenhuijzen, Senior Director & SAP Programme Director, Reckitt Benckiser

Reckitt Benckiser started global business transformation, replacing their current ERP, Supply Planning and various other legacy systems with one global SAP instance. Realising that this will be a multi-year programme, the programme has set out an implementation strategy leveraging a multitude of additional SAP modules to allow early benefit realisation, which additionally facilitates to a rapid deploy model.

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Performance Improvement Through Collaborative Networks

Alan Taylor, Industry Principal, SAP & Richard Downs, Director, Solutions Marketing, Ariba, an SAP company

In this session Alan and Alex will look at five ways that performance improves in an open networked collaborative relationship. Collaboration is becoming the new core competence, aiding profitability through risk mitigation, cost reduction, innovation and geographic expansion. The presenters will also examine how to collaborate now and how continued product/network innovation will further enable collaboration in the future.

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Serving the next generation consumer

Uwe Decker, Director Consumer Products, SAP & Caroline Sanderson, Gavin Davison, Phil Gwynne, Pre-Sales Consultants, SAP

Responding rapidly to an ever changing world is key and providing our customers the platform that enables innovative ideas to be brought to market quickly fulfil consumer demand as it happens, wherever it might be, drives consumer loyalty and wins retail customer commitment.

Learn how SAP Innovations help Consumer Product companies in connecting the dots in an increasingly complex consumer and customer ecosystem and winning over the ever-changing hearts and minds of consumers and shoppers with product and value propositions relevant to their individual situations.

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14:40 - 15:00

Empowering Field Sales & Merchandisers at the point of sale with Cloud or OnPremise retail execution capability

Gavin Davison & Roland Van Breukelen, SAP

Consumer products organisations today have different requirements based on the roles of their sales team - from account, contact activity management through to in store merchandising, promotion compliance and order taking. Find out how SAP's Cloud, OnPremise and Hybrid solutions can deliver solutions to these requirements.

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Reduce Cycles with Better Sales and Operations Planning

Phil Gywnne, SAP

This informal discussion explores ways to balance demand and supply plans, improve forecast accuracy, and drive rapid consensus.

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Sense and Shape Consumer Demand for Your Products

Uwe Decker, SAP

See how consumer products companies can better respond to the demand signal that really counts: the end consumer.

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15:05 - 15:35

A Digital response to achieving consumer centricity with Capgemini

Tim Fisher, Innovations Principal, Capgemini

This presentation will define 'The Digital Enterprise' model and look at the reasons why it is important. It will discuss how this model impacts Consumer Products organisations in particular and the need for leading edge technology to enable the interaction with the Digital Consumer. How does SAP and the Digital Enterprise engage?

Planning for success: The role of SAP TPM in effective commercial forecasting solutions with AgilityWorks & Muller

Seb Jones, Supply Chain Director, Muller & Ben Robinson, Solutions Director, AgilityWorks

The successful management of trade promotions presents a set of daily challenges to the commercial division of the modern CP organisation. How will the promotion affect demand and can we produce sufficient stock? What is the projected profitability of the trade promotion and how will this affect the customer's margin? Has each promotion been reviewed and approved by the relevant departments? The solutions used to address these challenges have historically been specialised, with little or no integration into the wider commercial forecasting and account planning processes.

This session explores a holistic approach to business planning and forecasting in which SAP TPM plays a vital and integrated role. The session will then progress to examine other key challenges faced in SAP TPM implementation projects and how to get the best from the processes and solutions which underpin this crucial area of trade investment.

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Delivering Real-Time Business Value for the Consumer Product Industry

Ian McDonald, VP & Consumer Industries Director, SAP Industry Business Solutions

Business is moving at breakneck speed. Changes happen in real-time so you need to make immediate responses within shorter decision windows for a quicker value delivered to your customers. You also have to deal with an ever-expanding ocean of data delivering new business signals that, if well exploited, can lead to new opportunities. Joins this 30 minute session to find out more about SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA.

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15:35 Coffee Break: Partner Exhibition & 1:1 Meetings
16:05 - 16:35

Britvic: Reducing Inventory by 30% with Efficient Supply Chain Planning Enabled by SAP® APO with HCL & Britvic

Mahesh Kashyap, HCL & Neil Brinkman, Britvic

As one of Europe's leading soft drink producers, Britvic plc had formidable forecasting and planning challenges. To cut inventory and improve availability, Britvic deployed the SAP® Advanced Planning & Optimisation component. It helped Britvic scale up 25% in revenue and 15% in cases sold over six years without the need for any significant distribution network investments.

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How did Kraft Foods, now Mondelez, integrate Cadbury Europe to create one fully integrated $12 Billion business?

Omar Syed, GBS Mondelez Global Account Lead, IBM

Mondelez (formally Kraft Foods) is the world's largest chocolatier, biscuit baker and candy maker and second largest maker of gum. It was imperative the business kept operating, while integrating Cadbury Europe into Kraft Foods in a tight time-scale. Fraught with challenge and opportunity, the scope of the project was huge, to integrate end to end processes across all finance, supply chain and manufacturing plants in multiple countries. The session will cover the major challenges, considerations, success factors, business value and outcomes of the project which won a 2012 SAP Gold Quality Award.

Take the guesswork out of Trade Promotion Management

Gavin Davison & Mike Britton, SAP

Customers can now maximise promotion effectiveness by using the advanced predictive modelling in the SAP TPO application to suggest optimal promotion pricing and predict promotion revenue

SAP and Consumer Products Roadmap: The Future

Ian McDonald, VP & Consumer Industries Director, Industry Business Solutions, SAP

Using SAP's Consumer Products strategy as the guide, Ian will present some of the key themes that are influencing the future delivery plans.

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